úterý 9. prosince 2008

Recenze na Wital Weekly

HEAD IN BODY (CDR by Klang Und Krach)

Of these three releases on Klang Und Krach (sound and noise that is) from the Czech Republic we of course recognize the name of Sindre Bjerga. The other two are new to me. What I could find about Head In Body is in the Czech language, so not much use for me. They (he? she?) calls it minimal music and that is true. A simple straight forward rhythm is used, some bass sound is added, and voice through a delay unit. The shortest track is two and half minute, but the other eight are somewhere between five and nine minutes, which seems to me at times a bit long for what the actual track is, but through this rather lo-fi techno hybrid music was quite nice. Maybe with some trimming down and a somewhat better production there is more to it, but who knows, time will tell. I'd say: keep up, get on.

Also from the Czech Republic are the noise band Kaspar von Urbach which "focuses on an obstinate and deeply unnatural sound-mining: partly from things and devices originally designed for very different purposes and partly from musical instruments, effects and processors that are broken, left-off, cheep, despised, incorrectly used, crap etc. " They make it sound like this too, I must admit. Partly they find their inspiration in noise, but also the folk noir of say Current 93, especially in those pieces that have vocals to it. Though not entirely my dark cup of tea, I thought that this mixed bunch of music was pretty much alright. It moves into various places (noise, gothic, even microsound in 'Almost At The End', and obscured darker ambient electronics), which may come off also as a bit of searching which style they fit best. I'm curious to see where that is.

No further info on the Sindre Bjerga release, just a twenty-five minute piece of music. Its an electronic piece of shimmering electro-acoustic sounds, looped around, colliding against eachother, and fed through some effects. The bass end seems to be lacking a bit here. Somewhere half way through things collapse and it moves on with the same sound pushed to the background and a sort of glitchy sounds in the foreground. It slowly decays into sonic debris. Its a nice piece for sure, but why stand by itself? Why not add something. Its seems a bit a release for the sake of a release.

Frans de Waard


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