úterý 11. ledna 2011

Review: Core of the Coalman - You´ll Need a Katapult (Vital Weekly 763)

The music of Core of the Coalman has a great real American sound, like a man singing songs with his acoustic guitar, sitting on the veranda. But that is not the only style on this album with 19 songs. Some songs are just notes with a minimalistic character or just some words of pianophases. Other songs have long repetitive elements created by electronic sound-effects. Core of the Coalman is an alter-ego of Jorge Boehringer. He played in a lot of bands and did a great amount of collaborations with other artists and musicians. He was born in Texas in 1975, moved to Oakland California and lives and works now in Prague (Czech Republic). Core of the Coalman knows how to combine traditional guitar- and songstructures with his violin and many many soundeffects. Really a great CD-R for people how like experiments with authentic musicstyles.

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